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Welcome to the world of basic. , where beauty meets authenticity, sustainability, transparency and ethics. At basic. , we firmly believe that true beauty lies in simplicity and honesty. This is why we are committed to offering natural cosmetic products that respect not only your skin, but also our natural resources.


We focus on the essentials, without innovative technology or complex formulas. Our products are developed with quality, certified organic ingredients. Our goal is to take care of your body while respecting our earth, all with simple and effective formulas.


Our products are developed to meet sustainability criteria, whether it concerns raw materials, suppliers, containers, formulas and use. Thus, we guarantee cosmetics that respect the environment, our waters, and your body.


We have chosen to be labeled by internationally renowned labels. These act as an insurance policy for our customers, because every product we develop and everything we do is verified by external organizations.


We develop products with natural ingredients, without harmful chemicals, vegan and without animal testing. We also choose suppliers committed to organic and fair trade agriculture to support responsible agriculture for the land and life.

we are natural, organic certified, vegan, swissmade

the mag

Mon enfant réclame du déodorant !

My child asks for deodorant!

As our teens navigate this incredible journey that is adolescence, they begin to experience a whole host of changes, both in their bodies and in their ...

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Découvrir le secret d'une peau parfaite : comment identifier votre type de peau.

Discover the secret to perfect skin: how to identify your skin type.

The quest for perfect skin is universal, but the path to achieving it is unique to each person. Understanding your skin's specific needs is the crucial first step towards a radiant, healthy comple...

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Fabriquez votre déodorant naturel facilement et rapidement

Make your natural deodorant easily and quickly

Have you ever thought about making your own natural deodorant? If you're looking for an eco-friendly and healthy alternative to commercial deodorants, making a natural deodorant can be a great opt...

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