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Article: My child asks for deodorant!

Mon enfant réclame du déodorant !

My child asks for deodorant!

As our teens navigate this incredible journey that is adolescence, they begin to experience a whole host of changes, both in their bodies and in their emotions. This is the moment when they start to pay attention to their appearance and take a closer interest in their personal hygiene, particularly the use of deodorant. Watching our children embark on this path of discovery and autonomy can be both exciting and a little stressful. We ask ourselves a thousand questions, especially when it comes to choosing the products that will accompany them during this very important period. This is a key moment to support and guide them, while respecting their desire to grow and express themselves.

A teenage girl applies natural deodorant

Understand your concern

The first thing to do is listen to what your teen has to say. Why does he want to start using deodorant? Is he starting to be bothered by body odor, or is it just to be like the others? By having a frank and open conversation, you will be able to better understand what motivates him and thus make the best decisions together.

Opt for gentle options

Our teenagers' skin is still delicate, so it is crucial to select a deodorant that takes care of them. Choose alcohol-free, gentle and hypoallergenic options to minimize the risk of irritation.

Antiperspirants containing aluminum salts

The debates around aluminum salts in antiperspirants can be worrying. These substances, often singled out, should be avoided in products intended for young people. It is better to turn to deodorants without aluminum salts to limit any concerns, and thus directly accustom your teenager to using healthier products.

a child applies cream deodorant under the armpit.

Light and natural fragrances

Young people are not always fans of overly strong smells. It is wise to choose deodorants with light and natural scents, which respect their sensitivity. For very sensitive skin, fragrance-free options are preferred to avoid any inconvenience or allergic reactions.

Encourage good hygiene habits

Hygiene is not limited to applying deodorant. It is equally important to remind your teen of the importance of showering regularly, cleaning their armpits and wearing clean clothes. These good practices are essential to feeling good in your skin and in your head.

In short, when your teenager begins to be interested in deodorant, it signals the start of a new chapter: the entry into adolescence, with all that this entails in physical and emotional upheavals. Choosing the right deodorant is crucial, as it meets specific needs while promoting open dialogue and essential parental support in these changing times.

Understanding your child's true expectations, as highlighted above, is fundamental to selecting the most appropriate deodorant. Engaging in open discussions about puberty, hygiene and body changes provides a setting in which your child can feel heard and supported.

It is just as important to promote a healthy lifestyle and encourage independence and self-confidence in your child. This period is conducive to learning essential hygiene gestures and developing a positive self-image.

As parents, our mission goes far beyond choosing a deodorant. It consists of creating a safe space where our children can freely ask questions, share their concerns and seek advice. This approach helps establish solid foundations for a fulfilling and lasting family relationship.

So whether your child's interest in deodorant is driven by practical reasons or aesthetic concerns, approaching this issue with empathy and openness can strengthen family bonds and facilitate a smooth transition into this new phase of their lives. . Accompany him with tenderness, guide him with insight, and celebrate together each significant stage of his evolution towards adulthood.

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