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Article: Why and how to switch to natural cosmetics?

Pourquoi et comment passer à la cosmétique naturelle ?

Why and how to switch to natural cosmetics?

Did you know ? Our skincare and beauty routine can have a strong environmental impact. Although this may seem insignificant on our scale, be aware that the traditional cosmetics industry and petrochemicals go hand in hand and can ultimately cause disastrous effects for the planet and for health . In addition, many cosmetic products contain substances that are relatively harmful to our well-being.

Do you want to adopt more eco-responsible behavior, while taking care of yourself? basic. offers 100% natural cosmetics suitable for all skin types, for a complete and organic beauty routine!

To better understand our approach and our commitment to health, well-being and ecology, here is a complete article on the importance of adopting a natural routine.

Why is it so important to take care of your skin?

To stay healthy, maintaining the proper functioning of our body is essential, from the inside and the outside. So why not start by taking care of your skin?

Indeed, beautiful skin is often a reflection of a healthy body. Present from head to toe, it is the most imposing organ in the human body. Within our body, it plays a major role since it ensures the protection of internal organs.

Thus, the skin has its own immune system. The latter must be ultra-reactive in order to stop the penetration of intruders and anomalies into the blood vessels of the deep layer of the skin called the dermis (located under the epidermis).

Although its immune system is extremely powerful, it is possible to strengthen your skin's defense mechanisms , in order to help it fight against external aggressions, by taking care of it on the surface.

Indeed, to maintain healthy skin and maintain its immunity, the first step is to treat it gently. However, traditional cosmetic products are too irritating and risk damaging its defense barrier .

What are the dangers of traditional cosmetics?

Why choose a more natural beauty routine? You may not know it, but the majority of products from the traditional cosmetics industry are full of controversial chemicals: petrochemical mineral oils, formaldehyde, parabens, etc. Traditional cosmetic products are sometimes composed of mixtures that are toxic to health , but also to the environment…

Dangers for the skin

Traditional cosmetic products are full of substances that are too aggressive for the skin and this risks causing dysfunctions of the immune system and the body in general.

The epidermal cells of the skin and hair are composed of keratin. This protein allows it to resist and fight against chemical agents. Also, the sebaceous glands of the epidermis produce sebum on the skin surface. This fatty secretion acts like an antibiotic to prevent the proliferation and intrusion of micro-organisms.

However, using chemical cosmetic products on a daily basis risks disrupting the functioning of these natural protective mechanisms of the skin and body and creating imbalances harming the overall health of your body.

In addition, traditional cosmetics manufactures a large number of products containing endocrine disruptors , also present in certain foods, in plastics, in canned goods, textiles, hygiene and cleaning products, etc.

Too much exposure to endocrine disruptors can end up causing disruptions in the body. This risks triggering early puberty, altering the functioning of sexual hormones, creating sperm abnormalities and deformations, reduced fertility, etc.

Finally, certain pathologies such as obesity or cancer are partly linked to too much contact with endocrine disruptors.

Environmental dangers

It is no coincidence that nature defenders denounce the traditional cosmetics industry.

Indeed, traditional cosmetics constitute a considerable source of pollution on a global scale. From the manufacturing process, to the exploitation of raw materials, through the design of packaging, to the purchase and use of products by customers, the cosmetic industry has serious consequences, extremely harmful to the environment. 'environment.

In the world of traditional cosmetics, the industrial manufacturing of products contributes massively to the degradation of water tables, soil pollution and the increase in CO2 emissions... Many factories use harmful chemical processes such as petrochemicals or ethoxylation requiring the extraction, refining and transportation of oil.

Finally, the containers and packaging of traditional cosmetic products represent an immense quantity of waste which sometimes degrades over several hundred years.

So, to counter this disastrous ecological record, basic. offers environmentally friendly care ranges, in order to replace your traditional cosmetic products with new eco-responsible alternatives, without disrupting your beauty routine !

The benefits of natural and responsible cosmetics.

In recent years, natural cosmetics has gradually gained ground and established itself over the traditional cosmetics industry. The development of simpler, organic and environmentally friendly products is attracting more and more consumers.

What is slow cosmetics? Slow -cosmetics is a recognized label, rewarding cosmetic brands committed to the consumption of more natural cosmetic products, in an approach that is both ecological and ethical. It is a movement based on a common mission: the promotion of a new mode of reasonable , healthy and natural consumption of cosmetics. Slow cosmetics aims to simplify the composition of beauty treatments and products, highlighting simple and natural ingredients. It is even possible to create your own cosmetics with everyday foods such as fruits and vegetable oils for example.

What are the benefits of natural products for the skin and health?

Natural cosmetics are less processed, therefore simpler and better for maintaining healthy skin and body!

Indeed, everything you apply to its surface inexorably ends up in your body. The skin is an organ that absorbs all natural or non-natural products: lotions, soaps, creams, etc.

So, you might as well use products that are both healthy and natural with recognized benefits and properties such as olive oil, castor oil or even coconut oil, for effective action with ease!

If certain products from the traditional cosmetic industry seem more effective at first use, it is probably thanks to the immediate reaction of certain chemicals. However, this type of composition can present harmful health risks in the long term.

Conversely, natural products are extremely effective thanks to the use of superior quality ingredients for superior results.

People with sensitive skin can benefit from natural beauty products containing high-quality ingredients that respect the skin and deeply nourish it.

Unlike traditional cosmetics, natural cosmetics do not need to cover up chemical odors with artificial fragrances.

Natural cosmetic products are therefore perfectly suited to people with sensitive and reactive skin, but also to people sensitive to strong chemical perfumes.

In natural cosmetics, products are scented using essential oils and may contain natural preservatives such as grapefruit seeds, which are safe for the body.

What is the impact of natural cosmetics on the environment?

Obviously, like traditional cosmetics, natural cosmetics greatly promote sustainable development and are much more respectful of the environment.

Opting for natural care and cosmetics makes it possible to avoid the use of extremely polluting chemicals which flow into our sanitation networks and ultimately end up in the oceans... Taking part in this approach allows us to reduce the quantity of waste released into the water, but also into the air. In short, it is ideal if you want to reduce your environmental impact and contribute to the protection of the planet.

basic. allows you to adopt a new routine that is more natural and more responsible. All of our products are Slow Cosmétique®, Ecocert COSMOS ORGANIC and peTA-Approved certified.

Discover products handmade in the pretty city of Lausanne, Switzerland. We offer natural deodorants , body oils and makeup removers made from excellent quality raw materials and take care to select ecological containers.

Thanks to basic. , you can now create a natural, simple and complete beauty routine for your face, body and hair! Discover all our items directly in our shop or at our resellers.

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